Who is behind StartupAffiliate.io?

Just one guy, really, me! I'm Stuart Brent, a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in the affiliate marketing and the startup world.

My first business was Vacord, a screen printing company that focuses on B2B printing of shirts and hoodies. It's been in operation since 2006.

After trying dropshipping businesses from 2010 to 2012, I got into the startup world in 2012, with Ignite Your Match (since failed) and userinput.io (since acquired).

In 2015, I launched startupresources.io (since acquired) which is a directory of Startup related tools and software, and that was my introduction into the affiliate world.

I liked promoting affiliate programs, but saw the difficulty on both sides, as an affiliate marketer and also when I tried my own affiliate programs. Seeing the need in the market for places for affiliate programs to be promoted, and also help finding more programs to promote, I registered startupaffiliate.io in 2015, put up a "coming soon" page with a waiting list sign up, and completely put off the project for several years...

I've missed the affiliate world so I'm finally building this out at least as a way for people to find and promote programs more easily, and also find software to start their own affiliate programs for their SaaS's and Startups. I also plan to write helpful guides for both sides of the market.

Want to connect? Find me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email at info@startupaffiliate.io.